61st Autumn Spartacus Cup Invitation

Date: 2–3 November 2013

Locality:Várgesztes, Vértes (75km from Budapest)

Organizer: Tabáni Spartacus SKE

Form of the race: International, two day individual event, normal distance, combined results (day 1 Hungarian ranking event, day 2 special ranking event).

Patron of the competition: Gabriella Menoni, majoress of Várgesztes

Organizing committee: Director: István Máthé
General deputy chairman: Attila Horváth
Technical deputy chairman: Sándor Tóth
Course planners: György Schönviszky (day 1), Ábel Sulyok (day 2)
Controller: Gábor Somlay
Map: György Schönviszky
Secretary: Anett Gyalogné Dobróka

Map: 1:15.000 / 5m, 1:10.000 / 5m, revised in 2013, IOF norms

Area: Decideous forest of midlands, dolomite surface, typical Vértes-terrain.

Deadline for Entry: 23 October 2013, in the application form (on the web), for one day, too.

Address for Entry: e-mail: tabanispartacus@gmail.com, if we accept, we send back OK
within 48 hours
post: Tabáni Spartacus SKE, H-1013 Budapest, Attila út 2.

Entry fee:M/W16–M65,W60 4000 HUF / two days 2200 Ft / one day
M/W10–14, M70–80, W65–70 2200 HUF / two days 1200 Ft / one day
after deadline or on the site: 1000 HUF extra fee/2 days
Open categories 2200 HUF / two days 1200 Ft / one day

Drawing:24 of October 2013

Accommodation: Student hostel (Oroszlány) 2300 Ft/person/night
Gym (Várgesztes, primary school) 700 Ft/person/night

Planned “0” time of the event: 1st day (Saturday) 10 a.m. 2nd day (Sunday) 9 a.m.

Prices: Medal for the first three, extra prices for the winners in all categories.

Categories: M/W 21E,B,BR,C, 20E, 18E, 15-18C, 16E, 14E, 12C, 35A, 40A, 45A, 50A, 55A, 60A, 65A; 70A, M 35BR, 75A; 80A, M/W 10D (with help of taped route),
OA (open for advanced), OB (open for beginners)
We name the following categories after deceased competitors of our sports club:
M21E: Balogh Tamás; M35A: Tarjáni Tibor;
M60A: Csurgó Mihály; M65A: Peiker György;
M70A: Óhegyi Albin; W16E: Szentpétery Ákos

Other: The SPORTident electronic punching system is to use. If somebody doesn’t have an own electronic card, it is possible to rent one in the finish area (200 Ft/day).

  • Buffet by the finish area, with warm food, too.
  • Children race both days near the finish area.
  • Commercial activity is possible only with the permission of the director of the organizing committee.

Information in the own website of competition: www.tabanispartacus.hu

WELCOME in the name ofTabáni Spartacus SKE