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Date: November 5-6, 2005.

Locality: Gánt - Kőhányáspuszta (65km from Budapest, 25km from Székesfehérvár)

Form of the race: International, two days individual event

Map: 1:15.000 / 5m, 1:10.000 / 5m, revised in 2004 - 2005, IOF norms

Deadline for Entry: October 9, 2005, in the enclosed application form, for one day, too

Address for Entry:
Postal: Tabáni Spartacus SKE, H-1013 Budapest, Attila út 2.
Email: (if we accept, we send back OK)

Entry fee:
Until deadline: 3200 Ft/person for two days (1700 Ft/person for one day)
On the site: 4500 Ft/person for two days (2500 Ft/person for one day)
Open categories: 800 Ft/person for one day

Student hostel (Székesfehérvár): 1800 Ft/person/night
Gymnastic hall (Csákvár): 700 Ft/person/night

Transport: not organised (however if you need, we help you to organise it)

Planned "0" time of the event:
1st day: 10 o'clock a.m.
2nd day: 9 o'clock a.m.


  • The SPORTident electronic punching system is to use. If anybody intends to use his own electronic card please inform the organisers about the registration number of your e-card! It is possible to rent electronic card in finish area (200 Ft/day).
  • Children race both days near the finish area.
  • Buffet by the finish area.
  • Commercial activity is possible only in case of permission of organise committee.

Prices: For the first 3 - medal, for the winners of graded (A,B) categories - extra prices.
On the first day each competitor receives a present when arrived to finish!

Graded categories: F-N/M-W14B, 16B, 18B, 20A, 21E B, 35
Qualified categories: F-N/M-W10D, 12C, 18C, 21BR C, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60; F/M35BR, 65, 70
Open for beginners, Open for advanced, Race for children

In the name of the Tabáni Spartacus SKE we wish to WELCOME the participants of the event